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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Morocco, an Alternative to Iran

A flattering portrait of Morocco in today's Washington Post. Anne Applebaum sets the kingdom as a model for "slow but profound transformation from traditional monarchy to constitutional monarchy, acquiring along the way real political parties, a relatively free press, new political leaders -- the mayor of Marrakesh is a 33-year-old woman -- and a set of family laws that strive to be compatible both with sharia and international conventions on human rights." As I opined elsewhere, it would be a stretch claiming that Morocco is a constitutional monarchy, as the monarch still holds vast executive, legislative and discretionary powers.


Nora Fakim said...

My comment about Morocco being advanced for having a woman mayor. Well firstly her oppositions votes were found in the bin. Thats not advanced thats being corrupt. Secondly Morocco could do with learning from Iran .Morocco equals 50 percent illiteracy and Iran equals zero percent illiteracy.

bathmate mateus said...

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