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Monday, March 30, 2009

A Social Reading of the 2007 elections

Much have been made out of the 2007 legislative elections in Morocco. The PJD managed to place second in the total number of seats after the nationalist Istiqlal party. PJD won 46 out of the 325 seats in the lower house of the parliament and is the major opposition bloc in the political system. Many observers of Moroccan politics view the latest elections as a failure for the PJD, whose former leader Sa’ad Eddine Othmani prior to the elections, predicted to gain a landslide victory and the first Islamist government in the history of Morocco. The failure of the PJD in the last elections is probably due to its lack of reach and support in rural areas. Election results show that the majority of the seats won by the party were in predominantly urban areas. One of the best pieces written about the elections is by Samir Ben-Layashi, who was so kind to share it with Maghreb blog. Analysts and observers will be tuning in to the upcoming local elections to see how the PJD will fare.

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